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About Us

Tudor and Viorica GradinaruAt Grace Christian Church we believe with all our hearts that today, the body of Christ is wounded, bleeding and needs healing. In the same time the world is desperate to see the difference between a believer and an unbeliever, difference manifested through: mentality, attitude, believe, behavior, practice, style of life.

People got enough with hypocrisy, empty forms, cold rituals, men’s traditions, culture, social ethics, double standards, wrong values, earthly norms that the Church borrowed from the world. The world needs and wants to see the heavenly, divine life of Lord Jesus Christ lived in everyone who claims to be a Christian.

In this environment, we believe Grace Christian Church to be:

  • the need of the world (Jn.12:21)
  • the expectation of nature (Rom.8:19)
  • the desire of our Lord Jesus Christ (Jn.13:34-35)

We desire to get the lost world on fire with the fiery, passionate love of Christ. In this way they can break the bondage of sin and be free through the power of God. We gather for worship and edification and we scatter for evangelization, every Christian being a missionary in his/her own sphere of activity.

The Great Commandment (Matt.22:37-39) and The Great Commission (Matt.28:19-20) will be top priorities of our church. We trust in the power of the Holy Spirit at work, winning the lost sinners for Jesus Christ, changing their lives.

In this way we want to see the glory of God, the coming of Jesus Christ establishing God’s Kingdom.

We are a local body of believers who trust in Jesus Christ and in Him alone for salvation, sanctification and glorification.

We are a non-profit organization, non-denomination, independent church.

We operate and function in the spirit of love and unity introducing people to Jesus Christ, helping them to grow, mature in Him.

While we have Jesus Christ, the head of the church and the Bible our final authority we are accountable to each other living a holy life.

3 basics:
  1. Reality – What Grace Christian Church is now
  2. Vision - What we will be in the future
  3. Mission – The way to get there

Our methods

  1. Operation Andrew (Jn.1:41-42)

    “He brought his brother Simon Peter to Christ”

  2. Operation Samaria (Jn.4:29,39,42)

    “Personal testimony”

  3. Operation Philip (Acts8:5,35)

    “He preached Christ”

  4. Operation Gadara (Mk.5:19)

    Go to your family and tell them what the Lord has done for you”

  5. Operation Team-Work

    “Collective work on special events in the church”

Our Goal

Grace Christian Church exists for:

  1. God – to worship
  2. Brethren – to edify
  3. Lost world – to evangelize

We are to live and act in 3 dimensions:

  1. Upward to God
  2. Inward to brethren
  3. Outward to lost world

Therefore, our goal is to glorify God, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, evangelizing the world, edifying believers, equipping leaders, planting churches.

Our Priorities

  1. God
  2. Brethren
  3. Lost world

As the fire is maintained by oxygen, in the same way, the church exists through mission.

That’s the reason many churches die today because they don’t have the heart for mission to save the lost world.

In order to survive we have to put mission at the heart of our church.

We must give the gospel to our second generation.

Every Christian is a missionary and an evangelist.

Therefore, our mission is to bring sinners at the cross of Jesus Christ (evangelism), grow and mature them in Christ (discipleship), equip and train them to be able to reproduce (ministering).

Our objective

We aim to evangelize those who never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, those, somehow, neglected but precious in the eyes of God.

We are interesting in men and women who have fallen into sin, consequently are in bondage and therefore need salvation.

“Go into highways and as many as you find, invite them to my wedding (Matt.22:9)”

God wants to populate heaven with saved sinners (Heb.2:10).

God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth (1Tm.2:4).

The final product of Grace Christian Church is a spiritual, mature disciple, equipped and trained, able to reproduce (multiply) himself (Col.1:28-29).

Quality and quantity alike.

Our Life Principles

In order that true life will flow from the head (Jesus) to the body (church), we have 3 life principles:

  • Unity in Doctrine
  • Diversity in Ministry
  • Unanimity in Decisions